Modules cbpdn and cbpdntv

Module admm.cbpdn includes the following classes:

Module admm.cbpdntv includes the following classes:

Usage examples are available.

Multi-channel Data

Some of the example scripts demonstrate usage of the classes in the admm.cbpdn module with multi-channel (all of these examples are for RGB colour images, but an arbitrary number of channels is supported) input images. Multi-channel input examples are not provided for all classes since the usage differences for single- and multi-channel inputs are the same across most of the classes. There are two fundamentally different ways of representing multi-channel input images: a single-channel dictionary together with a separate set of coefficient maps for each channel, or a multi-channel dictionary with a single set of coefficient maps shared across all channels. In the former case the coefficient maps can be independent across the different channels, or expected correlations between the channels can be modelled via a joint sparsity penalty. A more detailed discussion of these issues can be found in [35].